Tips to loss weight in one week

As weight loss in one week is the challenge that I propose today. You’ve probably found or are in a situation where you lose weight fast in a short time is a “must”. If you chose the second option, this article would interest you.

1. Besides you put your health at risk. And in this nothing worth. . Or the wedding of a friend, nor the world’s biggest social commitment. So, choose a lower target: 2- 3 kilos in a week. It is more realistic. It is also perfectly possible.

2. it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of your normal diet: out fats, carbohydrates out (for one week) How do you stay? Mainly with protein, vegetable broad leaf and berry products… the gift of a piece of fruit every two days. Forget the candy, a small portion has a high caloric content, so it was sugar also, I replace it with saccharin or a sweetener.images (17)

3. how to lose weight in a week: Control meal times. Controls meal times. For example do not make a late dinner, as the digestion of what will occur dine while you sleep and will slow down, causing weight gain. An ideal dinner this week is the intake of 2-fat unsweetened yogurt or kefir ration. Kefir is a probiotic, fermented milk product. Both options allow you to fill the stomach, plus provide not increase protein and calories.

4. how to lose weight in a week: kitchen with austerity. When cooking your food greatly reduces the options, but what you choose (proteins always insist Join them and how much of green leafy vegetables) alíñalo with spices, the little salt, and less oil. Best grilled and boiled then fried.

5. how to lose weight in a week: move a bit. Finally, get some exercise to complement burning calories ingested. I suggest two excellent forms of exercise. Have a bike? If so, do not be lazy, take your bike, go to a park. Start rolling half hour. It is not much, no? in half an hour you can do about 8-10 km. Read more about solar tips on:

If you have no bike, you take a comfortable tracksuit and slippers. Tuck a park. Start gently jogging for half an hour. If you can go jogging in a week, half an hour every day, you see how accelerate weight loss.

So if this super-proven is that what more can help you lose weight in a week, it is the fitness (or weight training). It would be better to train 3-4 times a week. Make a warm, lift weights, and then do stretch.

In weightlifting, you will burn many calories and keep your metabolism slows down, which is a very common side effect of rapid weight loss.

If you have reduced (or removed) carbohydrates can even gain some muscle while losing a significant amount of body fat.

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