The Health Benefits of Graviola Extract

Graviola also known as Brazilina pawpaw, guanaba or soursoap is a green heart-shaped fruit native to rain forests of Southeast Asia and South America. For centuries, Graviola has been used to treat various health conditions. But in the modern world, what is graviola extract good for?

Clinical studies reported by the International Journal of the Molecular Science has found graviola extracts to have several health benefits. Some of the uses include the following:

Ease depression

According to a journal published in 2001 by the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, graviola extracts obtained from its leaves and fruits contains three groups of alkaloids; nornuciferine, asimilobine, and annonaine that have been found to inhibit binding of rauwolscine (3H)to 5-HTergic-5-HT1A receptors. Through inhibition process, the extract has been found to relieve depression.

Anticancer properties

Studies done by the Cancer Research UK has found graviola extracts to kill certain types of liver and breast cancer that are resistant to chemotherapy. Enhance the immune systemGraviola extracts contain excellent compounds that can improve your immune system. It contains potent compounds that eliminate free radicals and also ensures the immune system is at its best. Studies have found out that people using graviola extracts are more resistant to diseases.

Increases energy

Graviola extracts have been found to increase the energy levels and reduce fatigue.

Prevent heart and nerve diseases

Extracts from graviola have been found to improve blood circulation, elevate metabolic rate, and prevent nerve damage. Regular use of graviola extracts will improve heart functions and prevent nerve damage. Antibacterial propertiesMixing graviola extracts with moringa extracts has been found to have strong antibacterial properties against Vibrio cholera and Staph aureus.

Inhibit Herpes Simplex virus

Graviola extracts have been found to inhibit the progress of Herpes Simplex virus.

Graviola extracts and diabetes

Graviola in diet for arthritis patientsWhen graviola extracts were fed to rats induced with diabetes mellitus, the extract was found to lower blood sugar levels. Many diabetes patients have reported a decrease in blood sugar level upon consuming graviola extracts. Researchers say that the extract protect the hepatic tissues by lowering lipid peroxidation while increasing insulin production. This has proved that the extracts can be used against diabetes mellitus.

Rheumatism and arthritis

In Brazil, graviola extracts is externally used for arthritis, rheumatism, and neuralgia. Lower blood pressureStudies have found graviola extracts to be vasodilator, hypotensive, and cardio depressant. Although studies have found graviola extracts to have several health benefits, it is good to check with doctor before using the extract has your alternative medication.

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