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Unhealthy ingredients in the healthy foods

There are many types of the foods which are known to be healthy but in reality, they are nothing but just junk foods.

Canned tomatoes: there are many canned foods brands that have BPA. This is a toxic chemical which is linked to the reproductive problems such as heart diseases, diabetes, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Taking many canned foods may exceed safety limits of BPA exposure especially for children. High acidity in the tomatoes leads to the leach of BPA in the food. If you want to avoid the hazardous chemical, you have to avoid the canned foods and stick to vegetables and fresh fruits. In order to avoid this risk, you have to take foods which are found in glass containers especially if it is for acidic foods.

Processed meats: the processed meat like roast beef, ham or salami are made from the animals that are kept into a confined area. They are given the antibiotics, growth hormones and they have been raised in the conditions that promote the illness. Such meat has also been filled with the sodium nitrite. This is normally used as antimicrobial and preservative agent and it adds flavor and color on the meat. The meat also has dyes and chemical flavorings. The nitrites turn into nitrosamines when it enters into the body and it is a potent chemical that causes cancer.

Margarine is used in the place of the healthful fats like butter but it is now declining because of the unhealthy impacts it has on their lives. There are many unhealthy components in the margarine like free radicals, trans-fats, hexane or other solvents, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Vegetables oils are destructive especially these that are made by the heated vegetable oil is the worst. Vegetable oil is not as safe as it has been said to be and the reason for this is that it is highly processed and they should not be consumed at a high level. Whenever you start to cook, you are at risk of making heat induced damage. The oil that you use have to be stable to resist any chemical change and one of the reaction that take place is through converting good into bad cholesterol.

Microwave popcorn bags have PFOA and when they are heated, they get leaked into the popcorn. The chemical is called expanding group and it is referred to as the gender bending chemical since it disrupts the endocrine system while it affects the sex hormones. The chemical is known to cause infertility, thyroid disease, cancer, immune system problem and the increased LDL cholesterol.

Non organic foods that are known to be high in the pesticide: the best bet is that you should buy organic vegetables and fruits only. However, since this is not possible, you have to consider the guide about the pesticide that it is being used in the Produce.

Table salt is important for your life and it is hard to live without it but the table salt or the salt into the processed food is not the same as the one you need. You have also to keep away from artificial sweeteners and soy protein isolate.

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