Male Breast Reduction Techniques

What is gynecomastiaGynecomastia is the medical term for female-like breasts on males. The word is derived from the Greek language and actually translates to “womanly breasts.” Most guys don’t talk about it but many more of them suffer from it than one might imagine. In fact, some estimates put the incidence of this malady at half of the male population. To get rid of the soft appendages, men can opt for a surgical intervention or natural means . Here are some techniques to think about.

What causes it?

There are several ways gynecomastia can occur, including being overweight, taking drugs (recreational or prescription), genetic predisposition or at times bad luck. Some evidence points to use of steroids in body builders, or marijuana in pot smokers. Many adolescent boys show surprising mounds on the chest as they’re undergoing the hormonal changes of puberty. Luckily, those associated with youth usually pass as they attain maturity.

What can a person do about it?

The initial thing a patient of gynecomastia ought to do is see his doctor. The physician will rule out tumors in the chest and prescription medicine side effects, and may put him on a diet to get rid of some weight. If none of these fixes alleviates the problem, his next step may be to see a cosmetic surgeon. Other than that, his only options would be to wear a flattening garment over his man-boobs for life or live with slight cleavage.

If a man really does not like his appearance, cosmetic surgery can be an option.

– Surgical intervention: In order to return the patient’s chest to a more manly appearance, the plastic surgeon may perform a combination of liposuction and breast reduction. These would be outpatient procedures performed in a hospital or clinic setting.

– Liposuction: Liposuction is a procedure which removes fat deposits that haven’t reacted to dieting or workout. The surgeon will make small incisions in the area before implanting a medical device called a cannula in the openings. The cannula is a thin wand which is hooked up unto a liposuction machine to suction away extra adipose tissue.

– Breast reduction surgery: This operation entails eliminating excess skin and the glandular tissue then tightening up the area with sutures. Drains can be placed to relieve pooling of body fluids. A compression attire will be worn to support the healing. There will be some scars but these should fade over time.

-The top workouts to rid of man breasts will be the ones that perform probably the most muscle mass. You don’t automatically have to join a fitness center to do these. You can commence with bodyweight variations in the starting, then move onto single leg versions after. Immediately after a even though (as well as within the beginning) make sure you consider purchasing some weights. These might be found especially cheaply these days, but make an excellent small investment to assist you get rid of man breasts.

Male breast reductionAs with all surgeries, there are certain risks that a patient should be aware of. Examples are contagion at the site, blood clots, unexpected scarring, asymmetry, and change in the nipple sensation. Majority of these complications are rare, however, but they ought to be considered then discussed with one’s doctor.

When a man ends up with gynecomastia and soft breasts on his manly physique, it can be a devastating experience. This is true for all guys but for some, such as the teen boy with emerging manly self esteem, or the body builder who builds his life around the concept of looking buff, this can be a crushing blow to the ego. Luckily, there are steps that he can take, including seeing his family doctor to rule out possibilities, lose weight, wear flattening corset device or even opt for liposuction and surgical reduction.

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